Specialization Course in the Extension BIODANZA POETRY and WRITING


Specialization Course in the Extension


In this formation the approacof poetry is vivenciale.
it is not intended to be understood,
but to be hear.
from Wednesday 17 July a Sunday 21 July 2019

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Information and Registration
Scuola Biodanza del Triveneto:
Segreteria tel. 049-8979333 cell. 340-4776462  fax 049-2610172
Sandra Salmaso 347-6965949 - Raffaella Zanetto 339-1922331
She is a poet and creator of the extension of Biodanza: Poetry and Writing. She is co-director of the Biodanza School in Bogotà.
She followed her training in the Escuela Modelo of Santiago de Chile with Rolando Toro Araneda, creator of the Biodanza System.
She has a degree in literature and a master's degree in American Spanish literature at the Pontifical University of Javeriana in Bogotá. She studied history of art and Spanish literature with the Ortega y Gasset Foundation (Toledo, Spain).
She is also a lecturer at the University of Savana, at the University of Javeriana and at Sasana: Association of Transpersonal Humanism, spaces in which she developed the Chairs of Writing and Transformation of the Interior, Biodanza and Writing, Biodanza and Poetry, Autobiographical Writing, Diary Writing intimate, among others. She has worked with communities and street dwellers proposing creativity as an essential dimension in the development of the human being. As a result of this work, she has published several books collecting images and poems.
    Rolando and Poetry 
                             The book
                     Biodanza and Poetry
                   The Scripture of the body
Contents of the specialization:
During Biodanza and Poesia, we use an organic script,
a writing connected to emotion and not to reason.
Organic writing does not have a literary or aesthetic purpose.
In this, we do not interrupt the flow of discourse that is activated to reproduce, modify or correct.
Writing in this space transforms us,
through the movement of dance,
constantly rewriting the poem of our life.
Creativity connects us to freedom.
“t's about using writing
to free us from the prison that represents being apparent
to become free
to be under the influence and inspiration of the highest aspect of ourselves:
our essential being”
                                                                                  Jean-Yves Reveault

The extension
"Biodanza Poetry and Vivencia writing"
is linked to the 5 lines of the vivencia:
1. Vitality: it gives you strength and power while working
2. Sexuality: stimulates our ability to create, generate new things
3. Creativity allows us to play with our body, to invent new ways of moving
4. Affectivity opens us to the aesthetic perception of what surrounds us
5. Transcendence makes us perceive the extraordinary in everyday life, to feel that everything is in us 
Biodanza is defined by prof. Rolando Toro Araneda as the "Poetics of human encounter".
Rolando Toro insisted that the Biodanza facilitator also become a poet.
He saw poets as therapists of the human race,
lucid visionaries
capable of triggering liberating dynamics with language
and to avoid the loss of poetry and existential creativity.
In this formation the approacof poetry is vivenciale.
Poetry, it is not intended to be understood,
but to be hear.
Biodanza facilitators, teachers and Biodanza students attending the 3rd year of the training.
Artists or Educators who want to have vivencial experiences with color.
from Wednesday 17th of july at 3.00 p.m. to Sunday 21th of July at 5.30 p.m.
Reception: from 11.00 a.m. on Wednesday 17th
The course is held in Spanish with translations into Italian, French and English.
Quota di partecipazione
(8 vivencias e methodology)
€ 360,00 VAT included
10 % reduction € 324.00 (VAT included)
for registrations received by May 20, 2019
- All teaching material is included in the participation fee
- Specific music and theoretical works will be delivered in various languages
- "Biodanza Poetry and Writing" is an official IBF specialization course
- Each participant will receive a Certificate of Specialization
the structure that host us
surrounded by nature, under beautiful trees. You can also stay in cozy yurt tents and,
during summer, use your own tent.
The beautiful swimming pool overlooks a terrace with a panoramic view.
Prices Agriturismo
Casa Corra
Direct payment of your stay to the receptive structure.
Prices are for 5 days (4 nights) all included: meals and breakfast buffet. During the day: free coffee, tea, herbal teas, fruit, biscuits etc. Rooms are provided with sheets and at least 2 towels per person.
- Single bedroom with shared bathroom € 240.00
- Double or triple room with shared bathroom € 260.00
- Double or triple room with private bathroom € 300.00
- Double room single use with shared bathroom € 300.00
- Double room single use with private bathroom € 340.00
- Single cottage in the woods with shared bathroom € 220.00
- Yurta max 3 beds with shared bathroom € 200.00
from Reggio Emilia Station:
take the local train to Ciano d'Enza,
once there, there is the possibility to benefit from the shuttle service from the station to Casa Corra
(about 15 minutes)
contribution for expenses € 5.
from Parma station:
Bus in front of the station for Traversetolo-San Polo, once there shuttle service
(about 20 minutes)
contribution for expenses € 5.
With the new high-speed station called "Mediopadana" which yuou can reach
from Milan in 40 minutes and from Rome in h 2.20.
Possibility of shuttle service from the station to Casa Corra, contribution for expenses € 35.
From the A1 highway take the TERRE di CANOSSA - CAMPEGINE exit,
follow the signs for Montecchio,
once gone, keep along the state road 513 of Val D'Enza to San Polo and Ciano d'Enza.
Continue along the state road towards Vetto, after about 5 km you will find the hamlet of Currada,
and after another 3 km turn left following the signs for Borzano and Roncovetro.
After the first village keep going straight. You will reach Roncovetro,
and 10 meters before the black and white sign, turn left uphill:
ahead 800 m there is the Casa Corra parking lot.


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