I was born in Padua, May 5, 1958. I trained with Professor Rolando Toro in the f

I was born in Padua, May 5, 1958.

I trained with Professor Rolando Toro in the first Italian School of Biodanza. I became a teacher holder (1994), tutor and teacher (1996), and teacher training in the schools of Biodanza.

For 17 years he has conducted regular groups and workshops for adults in various Italian and European cities.

I am co-director of the School of Biodanza Rolando Toro Triveneto with my colleague Raffaele Zanetto.

They are dedicated "to the art of massage" for thirty years, studiosaa on contact, especially the importance of contact in the primal stage of life and then throughout their lives. He created the method to Education Contact: Biointegrante massage "that I propose, with Dr.. Sergio Gentlemen, training for operators in the School of Massage Biointegrante.

Under the supervision of prof. Rolando Toro have also created the 'Extending "Biodanza and Education to Contact" from '96 which is a specialization for the Biodanza system operators in the world.

I specialized in Minotaur Project, the Tree of Wishes, Masculinity and Femininity deep Biodanza and Clay, Biodanza and 4 elements, Biodanza for children and adolescents, Biodanza aquatic Neosciamanesimo, love, sexuality and couples, Biodanza and Tarot.

Since 1978 I have studied and worked in the field of expressive techniques and experimental theater, and I was an actress for 10 years.  

Since 1989 operational forms of massage and "Vibrational Techniques" with the direct instruction of the Master Baba Bedi, conducted focus groups "approach to the art of massage" and "mental dance" until 1993.

Sandra lives in Padova and is the mother of a beautiful child of twelve years, Michael.


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