Notizia in inserimento

Notizia in inserimento

Notizia in inserimento

Notizia in inserimento

INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION BIOCENTRIC Santiago de Chile, February 14, 2010

INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION BIOCENTRIC                                                  Santiago de Chile, February 14, 2010


The formation of the Biodanza Professor essentially consists in discovering a mission, transmit
the state of grace and to show new ways to exercise love and awaken enlightened consciousness.
Frequently people dress identity wrong. They reduce their existence to the needs of a depleted environment when not toxic.
If men feel insignificant, their actions will be insignificant.
The self-image of inferiority creates monsters. So many people do not know they carry inside a divinity.
The human being is naturally essential to the eternal celebration of life.
This condition reveals an enlightened vision of himself and the world.
L 'interior illumination is not a personal privilege. Be lit by itself is not enough.
Our light shines in the darkness to see who stays in their essence and transmit light.
Live is very special opportunity, the opportunity to perceive "the eternal human" and feel in the body the pleasure of the sacredness of life.
In us there is something great and wonderful more than what we think or do.
If we connect with that eternal feeling down que we poor mortals full of difficulties, our life back insignificant.
To acquire this connection with the splendor of life is essential. Actually the lighting required is frequently spoken of as an exceptional phenomenon full of mystical connotations, mysterious and occasional is a natural condition of all human beings. It is a change of vision of ourselves and of the
meaning of life. It 'a new way to bind us with others and cope with difficulties as part of our alchemical work, accepting the abundance and beauty that generates love.
We are much more than what we think. We are cosmic creatures able to love and create beauty.
If we assume the greatness, we become assassins and our life becomes meaningless.
To my delight, the people of Biodanza of Fortaleza is pursuing the highest task que can abbarcare our existence: Return to the world the sanctity of life.

With all my love,
Rolando Toro Araneda


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