The School offers a journey of personal growth and professional training holistic directed towards the development of skills and theoretical knowledge, and highly vivenciali experiences using the Biodanza methodology in its fundamental principles of affective re-education to Life.
Be part of the School represents a unique opportunity to experience very enriching on the human and professional level.
And 'possible to participate in the School as a listener without that aim to exercise the teaching. The experience of being part of the group enriches very emotional and human level, it increases the wealth of knowledge and full of healthy emotions deeply regenerating the participant.
The student in training which aims to become the biodance operator receives a high degree of theoretical and experiential teaching aimed at developing and mature skills in terms of human relationships, integration suitable motor and affective use of specific methodology of Biodanza system.
Vocational Training is based on the study of theoretical contents that support the biocentric education in the humanities, scientific, pedagogical and anthropological. It prefers an open training to a human being integrated view, the inter-human communication, the integrated motion emotion that becomes unique and original expression of self, identity, and support healthy development.
The high-quality proposal will allow the operator to own the future effective tools in the exercise of the profession in several areas: education, welfare, social.
The program is guaranteed by the presence of teachers of the school of excellence and extensive experience as well as national and international reputation.
And 'possible to enroll in training cycle already started, the missing seminars will be recovered in the next training cycle.


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