Why become Counselor Than the Counselor is a professional figure increasingly in

Why become Counselor

Than the Counselor is a professional figure increasingly in demand: in school, at work, in the social world; everywhere,
In short, the relationships between people are decisive. Choose to become counselor can then open up new perspectives
work or allow you to enrich decisively your professional background. Holistic Counselor is a professional
which tends to guide, support and develop the potential customer, promoting active attitudes,
proactive and stimulating the capacity of choice.

Specific training addressed to operators of Biodanza
Becoming Counselor as Operator of Biodanza you can enrich your skills to accompany more effectively
your students in personal interviews and in the listening ability of the group; you'll increase the existential well-being of
people follow, motivating them to meet with useful solutions. You can integrate new skills in accompanying organizations in the institutional area to which you are proposing Biodanza. Although it can get a job in effect, that the Counselor is primarily a transversal competence that increases the level of operator proficiency of Biodanza
and its ability to accompany a more systemic and broader vision, and always emotional, the person in its path
evolutionary. The Counselor, in fact, can be a professional corporate human resources, a teacher, a social worker
or health care, which integrates its know-how with a new ability to manage relationships, wherever it is necessary to develop
the potential, human and professional, of the people: to make them interact with one another, improve teamwork results,
develop a full understanding of their abilities. The need to transform in solution.

The Triveneto Biodanza School has chosen to partner with SICOOL (Italian Society Holistic Counselor), and the Institute Cortivo why: he believes in the importance of a formation of Counselor for the Biodanza operator that needs to accompany
so qualified, professional and attentive their students. A cross competence and specific Career opportunities
Free activities, not organized in associations or professional colleges but defined by associations which establish the training criteria, are recognized by the Law of January 14, 2013, # 4 - Official Gazette Year 154, n. 22. Among these activities is also included that of Counselor.

family counseling
Counseling in the social sphere
Counseling business and organizational
Creative counseling
Meditative Spiritual Counseling

Specialization course for holistic counselor systemic address
Seminars for the 3rd year

✓ Assessment Interview
✓ Study of texts and proof with self-assessment tests
online for the following subjects:
1- Foundations of Education
2- Anthropology and Sociology
3- Fundamentals of Psychopathology
4- Communication Elements
5- Theory of Family constellations
6- One or more choice insights
7- Counselor Profile
✓ Frequency mandatory the following seminars:
1- Intermediate Communication
2- Advanced Communication
3- Systemic base
4- intermediate Systemic
5- Advanced Systemic
6- Professional Relations Intermediate
7- Professional Relations Advanced
✓ Internship training of 150 hours (with the possibility of validation
up to 70 hours of internship experience in biodance)
✓ final thesis with consideration
intermediate communication
enhanced communication
systemic basis
intermediate systemic
systemic advanced
Professional relationships based
Professional Relations Intermediate
Advanced professional relationships


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