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2020 Specialization Course Extension BIODANZA and EDUCATION to CONTACT


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2020 Specialization Course Extension BIODANZA and EDUCATION to CONTACT IBF

2020 Specialization Course Extension BIODANZA and EDUCATION to IBF CONTACT

- Event dates changed -

IBF School of Biodanza Rolando Toro Triveneto System - Cimeb Network


IBF Specialization Course in Extension 
theoretical and experiential

Biodanza and Massage

The progressiveness of Biodanza Contact:
from playful contact, to caress, to affective and sensual massage.
Times, operating methods, existential motivations and all exercises
to redeem Good Contact and improve the quality of human relationships.
conducted by
Biodanza operators titled and in traineeship and Biodanza students in training in the 3rd year
subject to authorization by the Management of the School to which it belongs.

1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Module
in a single residential form
28 29 30 31 May and 1 2 June 2020
Thursday 15: 30-20: 30
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday 10: 00-20: 30
Tuesday 10 am-5.30pm
“The creation of this extension constitutes a contribution
the repertoire of professional assistance and the formation of an affective continent in the existential sphere.
Allows to embed
fundamental categories of movement, kinesthetic pleasure, eroticism and regression and,
at the same time, create through a methodological application
based on the progressiveness of the exercises and the proposed touches,
optimal conditions of safety
to indulge in a regressive state and to live the pleasure of physical contact naturally "
Rolando Toro Araneda, 1996.


1st module:
Contact and Caress as a fundamental need for the living being.
The basics of development in the child: role of emotional contact in the child's neurodevelopment between genetics and the environment
Sensory and tactile deprivation as a paradigm for understanding brain neuroplasticity (positive and negative environmental factors capable of inducing plastic changes in the CNS)
The concept of the continuum in "sensitive" periods of CNS development
The redemption that Biodanza and Good Contact generate through regression and re-personalization
The function of playful contact, caress and massage in the formation of social and relational skills in the evolutionary field, in adolescence, in adulthood, in late age
Specific contact exercises to develop affective-motor integration progressively
Learning the sequence of the three fundamental touches : sensitive caress, caress that contains, pulsating caress, according to the progress of the neurophysiology of the skin
Development of hand sensitivity and vital energy flow
Learning massage on the joints according to the vital revitalizing pulsation
2nd, 3rd and 4th Module
The relationship between the skin and the SNA (Autonomous Nervous System)
The Theoretical Model of Biodanza and the modalities of Touch
The integrative functions of the skin
The skin as a psychic container of Identity
Importance of contact with the Earth: welcome
Massage according to the categories of movement (rhythm, fluidity, expressiveness)
Learning the massage on the skin: ritual ceremony of the oil on the skin
Body integration and dissociation
Yin touch and Yang touch massage
Yin-Yang integration in touch
The vital unconscious : application of the vital pulsation in the touch
The sensual massage for couples: rediscovering the unity between tenderness and passion
Massage according to the 4 elements (Water, Earth, Air, Fire) alchemical integration of the elements to find harmony
He completed his training in Biodanza
with prof. Rolando Toro in the first Italian School of Biodanza.
In collaboration with Rolando Toro, he created the extension "Biodanza and Contact Education",
which has been a specialization and extension course for the Biodanza Rolando Toro (IBF) system worldwide since '96.
Then expanded into a teaching methodology
in the School of Contact Education and Biointegrating Massage of which she is the Director.
Dedication "to the art of touching and massaging" for 35 years,
he led and leads regular groups and Biodanza internships with adults, couples, children and parents, social and health workers.
Author of the book "The Hands that Feed - developing identity and improving relationships with Good Contact".
He gave birth to 5 conferences "The hands that feed for an empathic society" from 2012 to 2019.
How to increase the degree of vivencial intensity in groups
How to radicalize the vivencia of affective, erotic-affective integration, regression, re-personalization.
Methodological study: analysis of exercises, deliveries, specific music
application of contact education and short massages in institutions (schools, hospitals, rest homes, day centers), with dementia, with the elderly, with the dying, with people with disabilities.
For the care taken in the process of integration of the person and the group with which the specific vivencias and exercises are developed, this training provides the Biodanza teacher:
Greater security in proposing the themes of Contact and Care in private and institutional contexts (Schools, Ulss, hospitals, parenting environments).
The understanding of how to "dose" the progressivity that allows students to open up to giving and receiving contact.
Greater ability to manage integrating regressions through giving and receiving containment.
Tools to improve naturalness in contact, bodily pleasure, affective welcome and eroticism.
The possibility of offering contact education and Biodanza and Massage vivencie.
three thematic lecture notes corresponding to each module
a dispensation of methodology with exercises and titles of specific music
Total number of training hours : 45 hours
IBF recognized Specialization Certificate will be delivered
Participation fee for TRAINING:
Full fee
€ 550,00 (VAT incl.)
€ 495.00 (incl. VAT) 10% reduction
for registration by May 4th
The fee for training
does not understand
that of the stay at the farmhouse .
Download the flyer here

The structure that hosts us for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Module in a single Module

Agriturismo Casa Corra 
Location Roncovetro di Vedriano, 64 42026 Canossa (RE)

Immersed in nature, in the shade of beautiful trees it is possible to stay
even in cozy yurt tents and during the summer, camping with your own tent.
The beautiful swimming pool overlooks a terrace with a panoramic view.
The structure offers us a comfortable room for dancing and meditating.
Share stay at Casa Corra farmhouse
Prices are for 5 nights full board   (PC) .
Meals and buffet breakfast.
During the day free coffee, tea, herbal teas, fruit, biscuits, homemade cakes, wine included in the evening meal.
The rooms are equipped with linen and minimum 3 towels per person,
free and free wi-fi, swimming pool and Jacuzzi under the stars .
- Double room for single use with private bathroom € 400.00 (PC) . 

                                                - Double room for single use with shared bathroom € 350.00   (PC) .
                                                - Double or triple room with private bathroom € 300.00   (PC) .
                                                 - Double or triple room with shared bathroom € 250.00   (PC) .
                                                  - Single bedroom with shared bathroom € 275.00   (PC) .
                                                  - Single wooden house with external bathroom € 300.00   (PC) .
                                                  - Yurt max 3 beds with external bathroom € 225.00   (PC) .                  
For information on the stay (rooms) at the Agriturismo Casa Corra:
Corrado Severi cell. 347-7636220 -
Reggio Emilia station :
take the local train to Ciano d'Enza,
once there is the possibility of shuttle service from the station to Casa Corra 15 minutes,
contribution for expenses € 5.00.
Parma station :
Bus in front of the station for Traversetolo-San Polo, then shuttle service 20 minutes,
contribution for expenses € 5.00.
With the new High Speed ā€‹ā€‹station called "Mediopadana" connections
with Milan in 40 minutes and with Rome in 2 hours and 20 minutes.
Possibility of shuttle service from the AV station to Casa Corra, contribution for the costs of € 35.00.
From the A1 highway, take the TERRE DI CANOSSA - CAMPEGINE exit,
follow the signs for Montecchio,
once passed, continue along the state road 513 of the Val D'Enza for San Polo and Ciano d'Enza.
Continuing along the state road towards Vetto after about 5 km you will find the hamlet Currada,
and after another 3 km turn left following the indications for Borzano and Roncovetro.
After the first village, go straight on, you will arrive in Roncovetro
and 10 m before the black and white sign, turn left uphill,
800 m ahead is the parking lot of Casa Corra.
For information on the stay (rooms) at the Agriturismo Casa Corra:
Corrado Severi cell. 347-7636220 -
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Notizia in inserimento

Notizia in inserimento

Notizia in inserimento


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