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Notizia in inserimento

BOOKS OF Biodanza


  • "Mechanisms of Action of Biodanza"; Maria Gabriella Ansaldi, 2021, practical book that presents methodological aspects in a clear and exhaustive way, describes the mechanisms of action of Biodanza and the seven powers of Biodanza, Edizioni Vivivita 
  • "L'homme qui parle avec les roses"; Rolando Toro, Hélène Lévy-Benseft, Bruno Ribant and Bruno Giuliani, 2005. Book written in French, where Hélène Lévy-Benseft, Bruno Ribant and Bruno Giuliani interview Rolando Toro. With clear and simple language, prof. Rolando Toro talks about his life, the history of Biodanza®, the biocentric principle, biocentric education, women and above all about love.  
  • "Biodanza. Music, movement, expressive communication for the harmonious development of the personality ";  Rolando Toro, edited by Eliane Matuk, 2007, Red Edizioni.


  • "The body at the center. From theory to rehabilitation with the SaM (Sense and Mind) method"; Annalisa Risoli, Biodanza Teacher, expert in "Biodanza and Neuroscience", together with Alessandro Antonietti and was promoted by the Spatially-aps Association and the Psychology of Learning and Education Service (SPAEE) of the Catholic University of Milan . LED Edizioni, is available for free at this link 
  • Ethics - Affection and concern for life" ;  Agostinho Dalla Vecchia  Brazilian of Venetian origin, is a university professor and titular teacher of Biodanza® in Pelotas-Brazil.  Book written in Italian, it is a profound reflection on the situation of man in the world today, on the situation of current culture. Thinking of ethics as a solicitation for life in all its forms and, mainly, for the emotional bonds that guarantee a new form of relationships in work, production, distribution of goods produced, in politics, in the family, etc. ..  Remember an elementary thought of Rolando Toro that "the economic problem is an emotional problem and that the embrace is the most radical political act".  
  • "La vie au center - Pour une éducation biocentrique" ; Bruno Ribant. A critical reflection on our culture and an overall vision on the destiny of humanity. A passionate proposal based on the Biocentric Principle, an appeal and a warning to all men to protect life. Foreword by Rolando Toro Araneda. Edition by the Author. Available on order.
  •  "Biodanza - La danse de la vie" ; Paula Rouilin Year 2000 - Editions Recto Verseau - In bookstores in Switzerland, France, Belgium and Canada.
  • "Biodanza - eine poetische wissenschaft - gesammelte texte" ; Gabriele Langmeyer and Günther Roppele. Year 1999 - Published through the Rolando Toro School of Biodanza of Austria - Publikation der Vereinigung der Biodanza-Lehrer Österreich.
  • "The Alphabet of Life - Poetics of Biodanza"  Rolando Toro, Giovanna Benatti and Nicola FranceschielloYear 1997 - Published through the Rolando Toro School of Biodanza in Padua, graphic design by Claudia Cardelli.  
  • "Phenomenology of emotions - Biodanza with clay", Dorli Signor. Year 1999 - in Italian. Support from AEIB - European Association of Biobance Teachers - Rolando Toro System

Biodanza AEIB magazine, annual edition of the European Association of Biodanza AEIB Teachers


Magazine n. 04 - Year 2000 - Written in four languages ​​(Italian, French, English and German):

Biodanza. Dance, music, singing and the art of being by Sérgio Cruz (Italy)

The affective intelligence of Prof. Rolando Toro (Chile)

From Girotondi by Cecilia Borelli (Brazil)

To love. A seed in my heart by Gabriele Mader (Germany)

Gaia and the utopian germs by Anna Borellini (Italy)

Miracles are Possible - Creating a Life Healing Ritual Temple by Cristina Arrieta and Cordula Bruch (Germany)

Research on the psychological and physiological effects of Biodanza by Prof. Rolando Toro (Chile), Raul Terren, Veronica Toro, Luis Mazzarella (Argentina), HUBalzer, Karl Hecht, Marcus Stück, Alejandra Villegas (Germany)

The mandala project by Patricia Martello and Marcelo Di Matteo (England)

Biodanza - Myths and archetypes by Michela Sanpietro (Italy)


Magazine n. 03 - Year 1998 - Several articles in various languages:

Biodanza .... the dance of life by Eugenia Audisio (Italy)

"Uniqueness" poem by Rolando Toro (Chile)

Touch and caress: a primary need of the human being by Sandra Salmaso (Italy)

Biodanza - new model of energy transmutation by Ruggero Grazioli (Italy)

Biodanza and the Third Age by Carla Braglia (Italy)

Voice and Biodanza by Jussara Silveira da Rosa (Brazil)

Column Recommended readings by Eugenio Pintore (Italy)

La Biodanse en Belgique by Géraldine Abel (Bergio)

Dans la cire, la danse des abeilles, le parfum des fleurs, la lumiere du soleil by Hélène Lévy Bensefet (France)

Biodanse et gériatrie by Paula Roulin (Switzerland)

Biodanse avec des personnes handicapées mentales by Agnès Von Burg (Switzerland)

"La creación" poem by Gastón Andino (Uruguay)

The meeting of Franco Ceresa (Italy)


Magazine n. 02 - Year 1997 - Several articles in various languages:

Biodanza: a sociology of happiness by Prof. Rolando Toro (Chile)

Order and disorder: a journey to the roots of Franco Ceresa's life (Italy)

Biodanza, giving birth with pleasure by Silvia Montes (Peru)

Biodanza in the "Reception Project 93-94" by Francesca Bollino (Italy)

Motor and existential rehabilitation of "Parkinson's disease" through Biodanza by Prof. Rolando Toro (Chile)

Smile, an organic expression by Sérgio Cruz (Italy)

"Todos los mares" poem by Rolando Toro (Chile)

Biodanza Acuática by Gilson da Cruz (Spain)

The rise of the Biodanca flower in Austria by Günther Roppele and Susanne Okotie (Austria)

The Development of Biodanza in Germany by Cristina Arrieta (Germany)

Historique de la Biodanse en Suisse - 10 ans dejà by Janine Shaerling-Santinello (Switzerland)

10 years of Biodanza in Italy by Raul Terren and Sérgio Cruz


Magazine n. 01 - Year 1996 - Several articles in various languages:

Biodanza: The Dance of Life by Ugo Rizzo (Italy)

Biodanza and Stress by Sérgio Cruz (Italy)

Biodanza: a pedagogie conforming to l'écologie humaine by Jérome Heim (France)

Biodanza: a new epistemology by Eugenio Pintore (Italy)

Biodanza and Disturbios Gastro-intestinales del Pro f. Rolando Toro (Chile)

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