Raffaella Zanetto

I was born on July 1, 1956 in Padua. Practitioner Owner, Tutor and Trainer of Biodanza, I had the privilege and good fortune to receive my training as a facilitator and as a teacher directly by the inventorprof. R.Toro the first Italian School of Biodanza to follow by 1990.

I am a professor in the School of Biodanza ® since 1994 and lead weekly courses and internships biodance.'m Co-direttricedellaSchool Biodanza ® R.Toro Triveneto since 2001 together with my colleague and friend Sandra Salmaso. I promoted the development of Biodanza ® in Italy, organizing internships since '88 to Prof. R. Toro and other operators teacher.

I specialized in various extensions: Biodanza ® Aquatic, Biodanza ® and Clay,Biodanza ® for Children and Adolescents, Minotaur Project, Biodanza ® and Neosciamanesimo, Biodanza ® and the dance of colors Originals, Biodanza ® and Painting, Biodanza ® and the Archetypes Zodiac.

They Specialist Trainer in the extension of Biodanza ® Aquatic since 2009.

I have worked for more than 20 years in the school as a teacher of Physical Education. For many years I have been active in the world of contemporary dance, organizing and participating in various seminars with prestigious choreographers and dancers. I am dedicated to other forms of expression such as the complementary theater-dance and Tai-chi, I have cultivated for years, Ayurvedic massage, I followed a path of personal development and service to others with the vibrational therapy.

I've always loved the dance as the 'most intense expression, joyful and integrated infinite potential of the human being. A passion and a wonderful tool to enrich their own identity and to realize the project of Life.

I fell in love immediately Biodanza ® System grasping the great resources experiential proposed within the human group, the powerful affective message biocentric and sharing the theoretical principles on which it is based. Thanks to this learning I have developed a long and happy journey of growth.

For a long time I work with passion and inner conviction, within the School of Triveneto and in groups, to accompany people in their unique and original evolutionary path through the method Biodanza.


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